All About Unicorns

Unicorn Legends

Unicorns have mystified mankind for centuries. Unicorns, dragons, elves, fairies, and other mythological creatures have been the subject of many legends throughout time. There have been stories and legends about them that have been passed on for generations. You'll find that in some places like Cancun Mexico and other tropical areas people still discuss them frequently. Recently, while visiting Jamaica a friend overheard a worker from Jamaica hotels talking about unicorns. The stories live on for generations. This page includes a number of unicorn legends from the ages.

The Fair Maid and the Snow-White Unicorn: A young woman tests prospective suitors by asking about the Little People

The Four Sacred Beasts: The Chinese Unicorn: When the world was created, unicorns became the guardians of the forests

The Wise Woman Of Scharzfeld: A wise old woman is rescued by a unicorn after being accused of witchcraft